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I'm getting the following error NoClassDefFoundError com/amazonaws/AmazonWebServiceResult datomic.ddb/fn--6205 (ddb.clj:47) when trying to connect to a transactor on DynamoDB although I have [com.amazonaws/aws-java-sdk-dynamodb "1.11.6"] in my clojure dependencies. What am I missing?


however I’m on the most up to date version of the solo architecture and still get an old version of transit-clj


Narrowed down the transit problem to transit-java version "0.8.311"

Brian Abbott11:02:27

Hi - I was wondering if anyone might now if I might be able to get the slides - most especially the diagrams from Rich Hickey's talk given on 9/12/2018 (

Brian Abbott11:02:48

Also... has anyone thought of or is anyone working on a book for Datomic?

Brian Abbott11:02:56

Also, I havent been able to find anything online but, is the datomic source available? Has or will Cognitect make Datomic Open Source?

Brian Abbott11:02:39

This is an exceptional talk BTW - TY so much Rich Hickey for both creating Clojure and, this, what appears to be a very cool DB arch./platform.

Dustin Getz18:02:11

@briancabbott I believe those slides are on reddit clojure from a day or two after the talk

Brian Abbott15:02:56

Awesome, thank you @U09K620SG!!

Brian Abbott15:02:26

Hrmmm I dont see it in there

Brian Abbott15:02:50

There is a link to the video on YouTube but, no slides that I am able to see

Brian Abbott17:02:27

Hey, thank you so much @U09K620SG!! That has a lot of the diagrams that I was looking for!