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High! Quick question: how do you configure indentation on Cursive to get something like:

(div :.some-class
and not
(div :.some-class

Lennart Buit20:02:28

I think configuring it as having the same indentation as a def will do

Lennart Buit20:02:04

I remember doing that for s/fdef


@lennart.buit how do you do that though? I could mark it as “resolve as def” but that would imply additional behaviour, not just indent


I want just the indentation

Lennart Buit20:02:09

Same pop up, but I think configure indentation instead


hmm I looked at that; it lets me enter a number


but there doesn’t seem to be anything about “don’t align stuff on new lines with parameters on same line as form”

Lennart Buit20:02:03

Oh right, hmm. Maybe I am mistaken

Lennart Buit20:02:36

Exactly what we are looking for ^^


@lennart.buit aaah fantastic; thank you! 🙂