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has anyone actually done the duct tutorial from circleci that made the rounds a few days ago?


I'm having some issues. The first issues seemed to be because they kept saying film-handler root directory but I think they meant the actual project's root directory film-ratings when setting up github and circleci. I could be wrong but I'm able to get a successful circleci build now that I changed those instructions though.


I'm partway through where it has us delete the example page and build the index and template portion but now I can't get the server started when I restart the repl and after I input (dev) and then (go). I no longer get :duct.server.http.jetty/starting-server {:port 3000}


it just says the :initiated part. And I'm stuck trying to figure out how to get that server going.


Did you tried to input (reset) to the repl?


Or *e? It’s possible that there is some exception happening silently.


Also note that they used an older version of duct.


I’ve migrated the project to duct 0.7.0 —


thank you! It's a little weird they just released the tutorial now but it's already out of date and a little broken. Just the pace of web dev maybe. I restarted the repl but the behavior doesn't change. I could just clone yours but I never learn much from tutorials that way. This was just a little side diversion from learning anyways and I'm probably jumping the gun. Maybe I'll give Duct another look when I find I actually need a bigger scaffold to my basic web dev attempts. I'll save your repository for then. Thanks again!


I think I saw @weavejester mention on reddit that the tutorial is indeed outdated


they based it on last year’s duct