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@pez - I saw a thread where you had begun playing with LSP. Is there a plan to provide any of the goodness LSP can help with? refactorings etc...?


@sogaiu lol, I've uploaded the same image twice! I'll fix that. Regarding totally undocking stuff, I would probably seldom use it. But I would like to freely dock anything wherever.


@srijayanth there are no plans for LSP yet. But we do want to add some refactoring. It would probably be through nrepl middleware.


looking forward to the updated image :) re: undocking, one use case for that is when using multiple displays, undocking can make it easier to put one window on a separate display. i have found this type of thing nice for side-by-side comparisons.


Image updated. Thanks for letting me know the issue needed clarification and that the two first images looked very similar. 😃


Agree about the undocking. I seldom have the luxury of two screens, but it is a very good use case. People as old as I am will remember WinAmp which really excelled in the free docking and undocking of things.


yeah, my eyes aren't so strong any more so i tend to have only one display active at a time, but it appears that the trend for source code line length is for better or for worse on the rise...this seems to lead to wider dusplay areas being necessary for comparisons...hence the occasional multi-display activation :)