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I am observing some odd behaviour with Getting last event on the file as {:type :remove} however it seems the file exists after all. Wondering if some oddities have presented around fw-watch. Otherwise gonna dig deeper with inotify.

Bob B01:11:07

is there a repro case or anything?


You could also try fswatcher which is written in go, both based on inotify I think


@U013JFLRFS8 yes there is, but its fairly complex 🙂 I might be able to obtain "log-like" stuff from inotify, but since @U04V15CAJ suggested alternative, if the alternative works I will likely just switch


I messed up 🙂 So I was using the go based one. Funnily I am wondering now how to test out the rust pod without load-pod but using bb.edn dep file.


you can do that with :pods {org/pod {:version ...}}


oh, ok 🙂 was missing this on readme: thanks, version 0.0.1 as i see from tags


feel free to make some PRs, it's a lot of work to maintain all these docs ;)


🙂 there was no hint of complaint in my message, just an observation 🙂 anyways for slack search, the rust pod works ok, if anybody has problems with weird :remove events in go pod, now you know to pick rust