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Clj-kondo, a linter and static analyzer for Clojure code that sparks joy clj-kondo 2022.11.02 • new linters: :earmuffed-var-not-dynamic and :dynamic-var-not-earmuffed. See • Add :exclude option to :used-underscored-binding ( • Fix warning in .cljs and .cljc for :aliased-namespace-symbol in interop calls. ( • add :derived-location to analysis when location is derived from parent node • fix :level :off not being respected in :discouraged-var configs that are merged in. • accept symbol in addition to keyword in clojure.spec.alpha/def name position • support extra schema in schema.core/defrecord prevent parse error on defmulti without args 2022.10.14 • Add :redundant-fn-wrapper support for keyword and binding calls ( • Fix warning on :include-macros in .cljs and .cljc for :unknown-require-option linter. ( • Build a linux/aarch64 executable in CI ( • Add :exclude option to :unknown-require-option • Enable :unused-value by default • Publish .sha256 files along with released artifacts

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