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Dimitar Uzunov13:10:17

hi, what do you think about adding the equivalent to the mkdir -p option to create-dir in fs? Or perhaps to add a make-dir-path function?

Dimitar Uzunov13:10:22

so -p is two things, creates paths, but mkdir -p is used often to make the operation idempotent

Dimitar Uzunov13:10:35

not saying this is a must have, just adding a feature idea


It already exists: create-dirs

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Dimitar Uzunov14:10:34

oh right! Thanks a lot

Dimitar Uzunov14:10:15

sorry, Iā€™m not knowledgeable about the nio class, I see now that Files#createDirectories is just like mkdir -p


We can add this to the docstring to clarify, PR welcome

Dimitar Uzunov14:10:15

I will not update the changelog in the PR that is too trivial of the change

Dimitar Uzunov14:10:44

@U04V15CAJ - thank you for making babashka noob-friendlier šŸ™‚

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