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Mark Sto17:10:11

JetBrains have launched the public preview for their new Fleet IDE. Please, upvote so we can all enjoy faster Clojure integration.

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+1 for this. The architecture and idea of fleet looks promising. It’s nowhere near cooked enough to be a candidate today but having read their article series about fleet I have high hopes. For those in a hurry and not familiar with youtrack, you had to hit the three dots to find the vote button:

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ah take it back, there was a little icon to the right as well:


they sure made that icon tiny

Annaia Danvers16:10:13

classic JetBrains UI design


[metosin/malli "0.9.0"] is out! Malli is a high-performance data-driven data specification library for Clojure/Script. Most notable changes: • Malli can now properly generate recursive schemas by using test-check’s recursive-gen. Kudos to @ambrosebs for the many rounds on design and implementation on this. For the curious, see and tests for the details. • CLJS instrumentation is moved to runtime and supports now multi-arity and varargs functions, 🙇 @danvingo • New compact presentation for error values via malli.error/error-value, inspired by Expound • Improved regex schema driver cache performance by @ben.sless • Source-compatibility with #C029PTWD3HR by @borkdude • Improved printing of errors with CLJS • Sequence to Tuple transformers All changes: Code: Big thanks to all contributors and to the whole #CLDK6MFMK community!

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… and there is now [metosin/malli "0.9.1"] with a small fix: • Fix instrument! in dev.cljs/start! - pass cljs function schemas