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Drew Verlee03:09:33

are there any helpful tools for updating aws-api libs like > update! ssm 823 -> 834? (y/n) y! .....823 -> 834

Drew Verlee03:09:47

asking bc i'm about to write one unless someone else jumps in.

Drew Verlee04:09:51

yeah, but the aws-api latest-release isn't a deps.edn file at the project root, so it wouldn't know to compare it against your deps..

Drew Verlee05:09:32

though i guess i can just make it into one then run the tool lol.

Drew Verlee05:09:39

that will probably be harder though honestly.


ah right, antq just quickly came to my mind, thought that looking up latest libs in maven would be enough :)

Drew Verlee06:09:45

oh cool. the aws libs don't even follow semantic versioning.

Drew Verlee06:09:32

so this semvar library i wanted to use doesn't work. Why are we using strings to carry information separated by dots. why is everything not clojure data structures?


A formatted string is easy to type and read for humans, a "version" is just an identifier, an awfully small piece of data to express possibly a big lot of information, with human interpretation in the middle


it's data that humans make, with potential for error 😄

Drew Verlee07:09:42

i guess i can probably write a recursive compare function


I wonder what/who creates/maintains that latest-releases.edn file, seems that it is used to update other resources in the repo (readme, libs under the examples alias in deps.edn file in the repo) I think the released libs have to have been pushed to maven central before updating the latest-releases.edn end file, since otherwise the clj -A:examples example wont work


for just for moving to the latest version of all libs I think looking up the current latest artifact in maven central via antq (for Leiningen only there used to be lein-ancient I think?) should be enough, if I'm on the right track 🙂

Drew Verlee07:09:39

Here i wrote these helper functions to do the update on a deps file. I doubt ill ever use them, but i was tired of not doing things.

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Nice! At times it is good to just hack on things instead of reasoning why not :D