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Daniel Craig18:09:14

How can I tell Cider what AWS profile I want to use when I start my repl?

Drew Verlee04:09:25

i'm confused, whats the overlap between cider and your aws profile?

Drew Verlee04:09:17

are you speaking generally about your clojure application state choosing an aws profile?

Daniel Craig14:09:50

So I want to use named profiles to manage my credentials for different AWS accounts, but when I start cider I don't see an opportunity to set the AWS_PROFILE environment variable as described in the docs: export AWS_PROFILE=user1 the reference is


You'll have to do this without using environment variables - for example, the code I'm working on uses a config map to figure out how to connect to given AWS account and get credentials (ECS metadata, profile in ~/.aws/config etc.

Daniel Craig15:09:55

@U0JEFEZH6 so does your code explicitly read ~/.aws/config ?


locally yes


we use AWS SSO linked with Okta so we need to pull that info from the profile file