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Adam Kalisz16:09:19

I was wondering, where can I add the shasums generation? Related to this issue:

Adam Kalisz16:09:59

It should be a one or two simple tasks in the build.


@adam.kalisz Welcome! I think @lee or @rahul080327 mentioned recently that the graal native image already produces SHA files, but I'm not 100% sure who said this. But I think we need to produce sha256 files of the tar.gz right, or the binary?


So each CI build uploads the binary to Github releases. This script for this is in babashka.release-artifact


Instead of just uploading the artifact, we could also upload an additional SHA256 file and that's it I think :)


Ya dat was me.


I was only noticing that they included sha256 files For your bad curl downloads problem. On that note, is wget any better than curl at being noisy when things go wrong? I think it has some retry logic… maybe…


ah yes, espresso-installable-svm-java11-darwin-aarch64-22.2.0.jar.sha256 - I think we should also produce such files and upload them along the other files that are part of the release