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Martynas Maciulevičius10:10:17

How can one find the recording? Will you put it into Zulip?

Daniel Slutsky14:10:56

Hi @U028ART884X. Typically I share recordings at Zulip #data-science, Slack #events , Clojureverse, Reddit, Linkedin Clojure Users group,, etc. At the, recordings will also be at the and at the page of the relevant group of the various In this case, Most of these videos live at the, organized in But some Scicloj videos (see the videos page above) live at other channels, e.g., when Scicloj took part in organizing reClojure workshops and other events. There are many other recordings which are not shared publicly, but only internally, in the relevant Zulip stream. These mostly belong to specific study & dev groups.

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