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Adam Helins06:09:26

Is there anything to be wary of when requiring the same gitlib twice in a project using different :deps/root?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)07:09:55

I think the big one is if there are transitive local deps via git deps (as they can’t be compared)

Adam Helins07:09:14

That could be mitigated by using the same SHA but essentially those transitive local deps would be imported twice, right?

Adam Helins07:09:41

Ah, I might have misunderstood your statement. Let me provide some context. I'm looking for an efficient way of sharing libs in a nascent public monorepo. Exposing them as git deps with :deps/root seems to be the most straightforward approach. Let's say that: A) Consumers must always use the same SHA when importing more than 1 lib B) Those libs refer to other local libs via :local/root Thinking more about it, my concern is that something might go wrong indeed with those local transitive deps.

Adam Helins08:09:27

But transitive :local/root s are trickiest when working and changing stuff in such a local repo. As opposed to a git dep being cloned once and not touched afterwards. So maybe I worry too much?