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I think I have a viable pod library approach that avoids the classpath scan. Just getting the details sorted out now. It relies on putting the pod-manifest.edn inside a directory (in the library JAR or local root path) that matches the munged top-level namespace element (e.g. pod-fluree-crypto.crypto -> pod_fluree_crypto/pod-manifest.edn). That way the required namespace can be mapped to a specific resource path in the classpath.


how does that avoid a scan? you still need to open jar files?


(this might not be a big problem, just curious)


it loads them the say way any other :deps library gets loaded via source-for-namespace


the extent to which that's a scan I guess depends on the loader it's passing to getResource, which I haven't looked into too much yet. but it seems to work very quickly compared to my previous classpath scanning code FWIW


I think you would get similar performance for nested dirs, you don't have to use a 1 level directory for this.


so next to .bb , .clj and .cljc there would be a fourth extension which contains a file that points to the pod manifest