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Hi everyone, So i want to reload this namespace to REPL

(ns reporting-example.reports
  (:require [reporting-example.db.core :as db]
            [clj-pdf.core :refer [pdf template]]))
but when i want to use the pdf function after i reload that namespace to REPL, why it's says Unable to resolve symbol: pdf in this context ? And if i do load file in REPL the error goes to : Execution error (UnsatisfiedLinkError) at java.lang.ClassLoader/loadLibrary ( Can't load library: /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64/lib/ I already restart all the applications, but nothing happen. Btw, I use Intellij IDEA Community Edition with Cursive and nREPL run with Leiningen.


lack of libawt might mean you have headless jdk


if you’re using leiningen, does it work if you just run lein repl at the command line and load the namespace in the repl?


Hey thanks! Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, you right, i think the problem that I've encountered is I have headless jdk, and it solved by :

$ sudo apt install openjdk-11-jdk
and run
$ ldd /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64/lib/
I hope this help anyone who encountered the same problem, Thanks again!

Vinicius Vieira Tozzi22:09:49

Hello, is there a library I can use to convert HTML to markdown? I found but I think this one only converts markdown to html and not the other way around. My use case is that I want to convert html e-mails into markdown files, I already could parse into plain text using, but when converting to plain text I lose the all the formatting such as line breaks.


HTMl -> Markdown might not always be possible. Markdown only has sigils for a subset of HTML tags. Having said that, you could use Hickory to parse HTML into Hiccup and then render that into Markdown yourself maybe?


Another useful tool you should consider is bootleg


I've come to rely heavily on for all things markdown, HTML and org-mode. You'll find it in homebrew and packaged for most linux distributions.

$ pandoc -f markdown -t html <<< "# My heading"
<h1 id="my-heading">My heading</h1>

$ pandoc -f html -t markdown <<< '<h1>To action!</h1><p>We like actions.</p>'
# To action!

We like actions.
Here's how to shell out to pandoc with to convert org-mode to html:
(require '[babashka.process :refer [process]])

(defn pandoc-org->html
  "String -> String, Org-mode to HTML"
  (slurp (:out (process
                '[pandoc --from org+smart --to html --standalone]
                {:in org-markup}))))
where you can adapt --from and --to to your liking for markdown.

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Downside with pandoc: there's a binary to install; not a JVM package that "just works".

Vinicius Vieira Tozzi15:10:55

yeah I always used pandoc and it worked great, I don’t really mind having a separate binary to install but I was not aware you could actually call a shell command from clojure, that’s really interesting, thanks!

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Vinicius Vieira Tozzi15:10:57

do you know if I can use any library from clj in babashka? right know I am using babasha/fs in my jvm project, but if I can run clojure-mailon babashka then I can build my solution entirely with babashka and that would be nice

Vinicius Vieira Tozzi15:10:40

I also just learned that` is a thing reading babshka process README


> do you know if I can use any library from clj in babashka? > No - unfortunately, not all clojure libraries work on babashka. babashka/fs is written specifically to support both JVM Clojure and babashka, though. So in that case, the code should be exactly the same. Or you can use as you noted 🙂

Vinicius Vieira Tozzi16:10:08

yeah, but most of my program is parsing/reading emails with clojure-mail , so I my app will have to run on jvm, but no problem, babashka.process seems very promising I will try it out, thanks for the help

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Jacob O'Bryant17:10:17

I've been using this for html->markdown: I use it to render a text version of the html emails I send. I honestly never look at the output though ha ha so I'm not sure how good of a rendering it is, but worth looking at at least.

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Vinicius Vieira Tozzi19:10:42

Thanks! I will check it out