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Daniel Shriki13:04:24

Hi! Hope that everybody feeling good. Is anyone has a suggestion wether to use amazonica or aws-api (cognitect)? - note that we have to use presigned-url functionality which looks like it is still missing from aws-api, but maybe there are more things to consider. our mainly uses are S3, SQS, and cognito services. happy to hear your thoughts. thanks! 🙂


If you need presigned urls then you need the java sdk (which is surprisingly ok to use from Clj). Our internal library that simplifies working with AWS combines both aws-api and Java SDK (latter part is for IO intensive code or pre-signing)


I'd like to experiment on dynamodb to better understand its scaling behavior under very high load (e.g., 40k req/s). I have code written to run an experiment for some duration and to fire ddb GetItem or PutItem requests off at 40k/sec, spread uniformly over a single second. However, when running this with Cognitect's aws-api at 3k GetItem req/s, I will receive thousands of anomalies that look like this:

#:cognitect.anomalies{:category :cognitect.anomalies/busy,
                      :message "Ops limit reached: 64"}
So I'm curious, is the ops limit something I can change? Should I use the Java SDK for this instead? Am I just going to run into 1 compute limitations anyway?