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Hey folks, we're still here šŸ™‚ and in fact, we're doing a Witchcraft workshop at ClojureD! (Just had to check with the organizers that I'm allowed to tell you this)

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I'm working on workshop material, and I could really use some help to beta test some of it. It includes scripts to download and run both the server and the client, but I need to make sure they work on a wide range of systems (mainly worried about Windows and M1). Would also be great if people with different editors could try it out. (Mainly worried about Cursive)

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tl;dir: ā€¢ clone the repo ā€¢ run bin/start-server in one terminal ā€¢ run bin/start-client username in another terminal ā€¢ connect with your editor to nREPL at port 25555 ā€¢ from inside the game (i.e. the client started above) connect to server localhost:25565 ā€¢ open repl-sessions.s01-warmup in your editor ā€¢ start evaluating forms More detailed instructions in the README but that's the gist if at any step you get errors or are stuck then please report back immediately.


Hi, I did run it on arch Linux and it worked. Sometimes I got a message about using an old version of witchcraft and a message saying the it was disabled, but restarting fixed it. I have Minecraft installed on the machine, do I need to use the client from bin/start-client or is it there for convenience? Thanks, my son is having fun asking for me to add equipment on his inventory šŸ˜‰


I found out how to create enchanted items, but not different type of potions, is this expected or I missed something on the api? I will take a look on the java api. We are having a fun Sunday because of this, thank you so much.


No you don't need the bin/start-client, it's mainly for people participating in the workshop who don't have minecraft yet, so they can be up to speed quickly. There might not be any API yet for potions, not an area I've actively explored yet.


I got the same issue, and this error

[14:30:27 ERROR]: Error occurred while enabling Witchcraft v0.7.37 (Is it up to date?)
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not acquire write lock for 'artifact:org.bytedeco:mkl:2020.3-1.5.4
running it again fixed it for me as well (Also arch linux) Thanks for witchcraft and the workshop, looking forward to playing with it!


I got another error at the end

Syntax error compiling at (/home/.../witchcraft-workshop/repl_sessions/s01_warmup.clj:64:3).
No such var: wc/despawn
Syntax error compiling at (/home/.../witchcraft-workshop/repl_sessions/s01_warmup.clj:66:3).
No such var: wc/create-explosion


My editor also complains about "RELEASE" being a nondeterministic version, maybe that's related šŸ˜„


hmmm seems it's not on the latest version


is your "editor" by any chance "cursive"?


you can try changing it in deps.edn to whatever the latest version is, 0.28.286 at the time of writing

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No, I'm using emacs


But I think that comment comes from kondo anyway :thinking_face:


ok, weird that it's not actually getting the latest RELEASE, it normally re-checks every time the process start


both of those missing functions were added in 0.27.283


Aha! It was because the version in server/deps.edn was old


Kind of makes sense when you think about it šŸ˜¬


Oh that does make sense but that's a good caveat to know about