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It is my great pleasure to announce that the Calva team is reinforced with two amazing community members: @corasaurus-hex and @domagala.lukas! 🎉 calva Cora and Lukas are both pure pleasures to cowork with. Added to that, they bring expertise, focus on details, and a quality mindset. Calva is both more useful and more maintainable thanks to them. And, as members of the #calva channel already know, they also strengthen our user support lines. As someone who cares deeply for Calva and its users, Cora and Lukas joining makes me happy beyond my ability to express it in words. I'm also super happy that I let @lorilynjmiller have the scoop. I so enjoyed this conversation!

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Yay! Calva is an incredibly important project for the Clojure community, especially when it comes to making Clojure available to a broader audience of newcomers. And you're doing a fantastic job with development, user support, and marketing. I'm glad to see more skilled people join the team. Congratulations to everyone!

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Ben Sless08:04:40

bsless/clj-fast v0.0.11 - opportunistically faster Clojure core functions includes: • bug fix in assoc-in inliner which couldn't expand falsey values • benchmarks rewritten with JMH • definline which also accepts multiple arity signatures

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Ben Sless08:04:53

The sanic reactions :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


graphql-party Announcing first release of — a complementary library to that solves N+1 problem when fetching data. In short, it replaces Lacinia resolvers (input value -> output result) with Plusinia fetchers (set of input values -> map of input value to output result).

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Hi @U47G49KHQ exactly what I was looking for, so thank you for sharing! In case one is using Lacinia with Datomic, the N+1 problem does not have that much impact, right? I man when resolving the database is mostly already in process. :thinking_face:


Depends on Datomic version I guess? This library was developed for a project that uses Datomic Cloud (i.e. every query is a network request)


Ok, I see. I thought some parts of the database are (preloaded) held in process, even in datomic cloud, so not every query is a network request, but I don’t have a complete understanding of datomic yet. I guess I need to monitor my setup once it has significant load to see whether I need to optimize this already.


Love the name!

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Daniel Jomphe14:04:55

If you use the Ion deployment model, your app deployed as Ions is loaded directly inside Datomic Cloud's clojure process, where it has locality to the process's datoms in RAM. Your app's code inside Ions uses the Client API but no networking is implied between your code and the local Datomic Cloud process. Many people seem to use Datomic Cloud without deploying their apps as Ions. When they do so, they use the client API through the network.

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Awesome, shouldn’t it be just a part of Lacinia?