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Jon Barth22:04:04

Hi all - I'm Jon from Texas, USA. I'm the CEO & co-founder of harmonizeHR. We build (1) integrations between HR tech systems and (2) apps on top of HR systems using their integration capabilities - most often their public API. I'm joining here because we are using Clojure to build the middleware we use to power our integrations and apps. Our lead engineer is experienced in Clojure which is how we made the decision to use the language. I'm here to get connected with the Clojure community, and learn more about the language.

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"We are on a mission to bring a new wave of innovation to Human Resources technology." Please hurry. šŸ™‚ HR always seems to me a case of the cobbler's children going without shoes. tl;dr: Clojure (with a "j" as a tip of the hat to Java) rocks. Interactive, no static typing handcuffs, and full access to the Java ecosystem.

Jon Barth19:04:24

Thanks Kenny. We are going to fight the good fight! And thank you for nudge on the ā€œjā€ being in Clojure. I won't be the one writing the code but our lead engineer explained to me the benefits of Clojure which led us to the decision. Keeping things simple from an engineering perspective, along with our other functions, is extremely important to us.

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You made a good decision. Clojure's capabilities and simplicity is awesome šŸ™‚


Especially for a small team, you can move mountains with clojure