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Drew Verlee15:04:32

Is there a emacs tool that lets you make comments on specific lines of files, such that those comments are attached to the file? They are saved elsewhere and just displayed, and you can toggle them on and off.

Drew Verlee15:04:50

I'm thinking like how github comments work. Or google docs, etc... Put another way, these are comments I can see, but no one else. Of course, syncing this over multiple changes, with multiple players, would be impossible without reconciliation, but still, it would be kinda cool.


I’m also unsure what ‘Built with Spacemacs’ means for people using regular emacs

Drew Verlee13:04:37

The virtual comment functionally might work as they aren't saved as part of the file. Thanks for the suggestions.


I found it useful for a while, but it didn't always cope well with changing files so I haven't used it much recently.


Does anyone have problems with repl errors being shown in react-native (run with shadow-cljs) projects in cider? E.g. If I try to compile (nth [] 10) it will return a :repl/exception! but nothing will appear in the repl buffer. I can see the message on the nrepl-messages buffer, but I guess it’s the intended way.


Does clojure-lsp respect .cljfmt.edn? It does not in my tests but maybe I'm doing something wrong.


It should. It searches for a .cljfmt.edn file


@UKFSJSM38 You are right. Turns out there was a syntax error in my .cljfmt.edn

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