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^ Adding channels to the default-set reminds me that I learned about some channels years after joining this Slack. Adding these to the topic (/description) of more popular channels would make them more discoverable. 1. #releases and #show-and-tell could be mentioned in the #announcements. 2. #code-reviews and #programming-beginners could be mentioned in #beginners.


TIL: #code-reviews #show-and-tell #programming-beginners

metal 2

Yes, but... 🙂 Two things: anyone can edit a channel topic (which has pros and cons); the channel topic has a limited length and only the first part of it is visible (and on some devices it isn't visible by default). And a third thing: in our experience as Admins, a lot of people don't bother reading the channel topic anyway (and even fewer people seem to read the longer channel description).

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