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djblue01:04:53 might be interesting to some here, especially newer folks. We explore Portal from the perspective of a brand new user.

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Jose Varela05:04:30

Testing out portal by logging ring req/res via middleware. Is there an easy way to get java objects to render in the portal UI?

Jose Varela05:04:23

bean doesnt do much in this case

Jose Varela05:04:09

Tried but this gives the same result as bean


That is an inputstream

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Reading data from it consumes it

Jose Varela06:04:50

Thanks I can figure out how to render it. Was wondering if Portal had a way of doing it by default or some standard way of overriding some type-specific renderer.


You might be able to move the Portal middleware after the body processing middleware. Usually it will put the parsed body under something like :body-params

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