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calva Calva is out. 🚀 It contains a major update to the clojure-lsp integration. Calva now supports multi-clojure-projects where there is no governing project file for all the projects. Thanks @m401! 🙏 ❤️ See to see how it works now. (For most users, it should work just as before. This change should affect mostly for user who need the extra control.) Also, thanks @ahtunget for continuing your quality sweeping! 🙏 ❤️ • Fix: • Fix: • Fix:

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borkdude12:01:06 CLI to transform between JSON, EDN, YAML and Transit using Clojure. 0.4.23 (2023.01.27) • Add base64/encode and base64/decode • Add jet/paths and jet/when-pred • Deprecate interactive mode • Deprecate --query in favor of --thread-last, --thread-first or --func

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Thanks, @U04V15CAJ. I've been using Jet more often lately and it's quite handy.

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