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Recife (It’s a model checker on Top of TLC (you can basically write formal specifications and run them)) ( has a new version (`0.9.0`), there are tons of new features and perf improvements. • • Examples at I will document things in a new guide (generated with Clerk BTW), check out (lots of TODO). • Perf improvements (5x), still there is still a long way (10x) to achieve TLC performance, but small steps) • New helpers namespace, convenient macros for usage at your own peril (recommended) (see a recent ◦ ◦ More powerful • Added new docs (using #clerk) that I will hopefully have more time to work with • Added support for TLC simulate and generate commands ◦ Generate was introduced recently by the TLC folks to support statistics, and, ofc, we can use Clerk to generate them in real-time, see; ▪︎ Also, check some • Etc

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small recommendation: add a one paragraph 'what is this?' intro at the top of the readme 🙂

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Will do, thanks, Robert!!

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And at the top of this post


Added here, thanks!

borkdude10:01:35 remove unused Clojure vars clj-kondo babashka 0.3.5 • Upgrade clj-kondo version • Make babashka compatible by using the library • Discontinue the carve binary in favor of invocation with babashka. Instead you can now install carve with bbin install io.github.borkdude/carve • Implement integration • Implement --help

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clojure-lsp IDE and CLI development tool Released with lots of improvements and new features! 🚀 Main highlights: • clojure-lsp now understand edn files, making most features work out of the box, like navigate to/from keywords and symbols (gif) • Navigation of quoted symbols (e.g. 'clojure.core/inc) now works • Lint now consider edn files, not only clj* ones. • Tweaks across multiple features, renaming, completion, semantic tokens, code actions. Thank you for all contributors and sponsors! gratitude For more info, come to #CPABC1H61

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So sweet. Thanks for providing! gratitude ❤️ 🙏 Navigate to quoted symbols, yummy!

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Hey, I implemented that! 😃

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Announcing, a Leiningen plugin that enables projects to access and deploy to GitLab package registries. • Clojars: • GitLab:

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Sam Ritchie18:01:42

Announcing v0.1.0 of Mafs.cljs ! This library provides a #reagent interface to the 2d interactive mathematical visualization library, all backed by SVG. Please give the library a try via the written with #clerk. • Clojars: • Github: • cljdoc: • Interactive docs: • Questions / discussion in #mentat-collective Finally, here’s an example of an interactive function graph built with Mafs.cljs:

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Sam Ritchie18:01:26

I went pretty wild with the number of components on, so apologies for the slow loading time 🙂 I’ll pick that notebook apart and make the load more manageable in the coming days


Lots of goodies from you this week! 👏 😄

Noah Bogart18:01:49

A+ name haha

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Sam Ritchie18:01:09

@U077BEWNQ haha yes! next step is pushing some changes to my function compilation in the computer algebra system… then things will get really wild with live-updateable versions of simulations like this

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Ooooh, very cool :star-struck:

Bobbi Towers20:02:27

If this had existed, I wouldn't have had to make mine in hand-coded SVG

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Sam Ritchie20:02:56

Very artisanal!!

Sam Ritchie20:02:46

That’s awesome, clearly we’ve got the same ideas in mind… see for another piece here

Bobbi Towers20:02:31

I've been meaning to check out your stuff for the longest time

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Sam Ritchie20:02:10

I’ll have a template out soon that will make it feasible to actually add “how to use with Clerk” guides to each project that should make it easier… but yeah anything along these lines that you’ve been wishing for or need for your own work, let me know @U8LB00QMD

Bobbi Towers20:02:41

I just started learning mathematics about 4 years ago, and at the time I had to use other languages for CASs (eg. Mathematica, SymPy, etc.) and attempting to port things to Clojure... basically what you're doing but way worse 😆

Sam Ritchie20:02:18

Amazing how much you learn trying to port stuff though right?

Sam Ritchie20:02:41

We’re the lucky ones, even if the tools turn out to be useful

Bobbi Towers20:02:21

that's what's kept me from trying emmy thus far, because I'm emotionally invested in my janky little toys

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Sam Ritchie20:02:07

Feel free to steal pieces too and rewrite them!

Sam Ritchie20:02:22

That’s the idea behind the overboard docs in many of the namespaces

Sam Ritchie20:02:34

The python stuff is the janky toy set ;)

Bobbi Towers20:02:43

eventually I want to use emmy to develop an extremely beginner-level maths curriculum, to serve as a gentle onramp for it

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Bobbi Towers20:02:23

> The python stuff is the janky toy set 😉 Yeah I ran into issues with SymPy fairly early on and got stuck. I think the simplify function was kind of broken

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