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Introducing clj-kondo-bb: invoke clj-kondo from babashka scripts (or as a babashka one liner)! clj-kondo babashka

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io.github.seancorfield/build-uber-log4j2-handler {:git/tag "v2.19.0" :git/sha "6c4a14a"} -- A conflict handler for log4j2 plugins cache files for the uber task of -- • The version number reflects the underlying log4j2 version being used (for the first time) • Since I am retiring my build-clj wrapper, I am raising the profile of this conflict handler separately: if you build uberjars with and you have multiple dependencies that provide formatting plugins for log4j2, you need this conflict handler to merge them correctly! 🙂 Follow-up in #tools-build

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Sam Ritchie21:01:03

Announcing v0.1.0 of mathbox.cljs ! This library provides a #reagent interface to the stunning WebGL mathematical visualization library. See for a directory of all of the crazy stuff you can do with MathBox. Please give the library a try via the written with #clerk. • Clojars: • Github: • cljdoc: • Interactive docs: • Questions / discussion in #mentat-collective Finally, check this page out for a wild example of the kind of interactivity possible with mathbox.cljs and leva.cljs:

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