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One week of TS and I've put a , on a clojure call. I need salvation :)


😆 At least that works. Way more painful for me going the other direction, when you forget all the commas and try to prepend every function call with (.


Thoughts and prayers, friend. Be thankful you're not stuck with java.


I'll start on the same path soon, after a mass layoff on my last company. I hope I don't end up putting commas and dots everywhere in my CLJ code....

Martynas Maciulevičius09:01:08

Would you put two , if you'd have two weeks of TS? Clojure would accept that actually 😂

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Typescript is the devil's work.


I agree, @U6Y160CR4, but well.... that's how things are right now 😞


Any opinions on .dev vs .org TLDs for a personal website? I'm thinking .org is more ubiquitous and maybe a better first impression but .dev gives context and apparently requires https, which is probably a good thing?


Maybe it's just me (coming from the USA), but I kinda assume "non-profit or adjacent" from most .org TLDs

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Same here, from Sweden but early on the internet I guess. > It is commonly used by non-profit organizations, open-source projects, and communities says wikipedia


That HSTS preload list is a great thing for most usecases

Rupert (All Street)18:01:55

A domain is a multi year investment, the price of .org has a clear track record, .dev renewal price is not so certain. In the past Google slightly preferred conventional TLDs from an SEO perspective - it may still be the case. Agree that .org has connotations of organisation but it also represents 'non-company' which I think might be applicable to a personal domain.

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I have a .name address for personal stuff.