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Hi all I am an experienced Clojure dev with 7 years of work experience. I am based in Goa, India. I was recently laid off by my company and that's why looking for a full-time role. If anyone is hiring for remote clojure work, kindly let me know. Thank you Github:

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I'm not hiring, but I get a 404 for that CV link


@U04HK53G7SQ Oh okay, sorry for that. Here is my resume just in case.


You should be careful with giving out your face and address online

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A company doesn't need to know what you look like or where you live

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Gabriel Kovacs08:01:27

I have not yet seen a CV in Europe where the picture and the address were missing


Speaking for London, only, I can't remember seeing a CV for senior position which included either. I probably wouldn't remember the address as much as the photo, though. I have the first part of my postal code on mine, not nearly enough to locate my house.