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@helios are you using the cursive test runner? how quick can u run a single unit test? for us, even a simple unit test takes 4+ seconds to run, because so many things are initialized. Eg. pretty-printing Datomic Cloud datoms is initialized in a xxx.test-harness namespace, which we require in every test NS, for the sake of simplicity and consistent testing experience.


and that's on an M1 Mac Mini, with the biggest libraries clojure.core/compiled...


(time (require 'xxx.test-harness))
"Elapsed time: 3801.725792 msecs"
and without compiled libs:
(time (require 'xxx.test-harness))
"Elapsed time: 6548.884583 msecs"


hi everybody! I'm trying to start a repl in Cursive pointing to a custom version of the Clojure compiler currently on my local mvn repo as clojure-1.12.0-master-SNAPSHOT so I can run Clojure expressions and debug Java code. I added the new compiler version to my deps.edn and the repl is working fine. My question is how do I attach the clojure sources as an external library so I can jump into java code, debug, etc ?


Are you adding it in an alias in your deps.edn? If so, selecting that alias in the deps toolwindow (as described here: then refreshing your project should work.


No, my deps edn contains just this `

{:deps {org.clojure/clojure {:mvn/version "1.12.0-master-SNAPSHOT"}}}


And that doesn’t appear in your external libraries view?


but then on externali libraries I see this


Have you refreshed your project since you made the change to add it?


If you look in Dependencies in the Deps toolwindow, what does that look like?


> Have you refreshed your project since you made the change to add it? oh, that did the trick


Great, I like an easy fix 🙂