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šŸ“¢ is out! šŸŽ‰ Goose is a background processing library for Clojure, made by nilenso. Message brokers are now pluggable šŸ”Œ! This version comes with support for RabbitMQ (0.2 only had Redis support), and lays down a protocol that allows you to integrate any backend like Postgres, Datomic or SQS. We also added some features based on the feedback from 0.2: ā€¢ Periodic/Cron-style Jobs ā€¢ Custom Metrics backend (StatsD, Prometheus, Metrics, etc.) ā€¢ A new logo! goose You can with the Readme, or dig into details with the You can also ping us on #C03RCGK0P8S.

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