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This only happens when using a bb task

:task (clojure "-M:test:runner" "cljs")
instead of calling Clojure itself in cli
clojure -M:test:runner


Please provide some repo as a repro


Nevermind. I'm pretty sure I reproduced this without Babashka.


So not a bb issue then?


Seemingly not. I was building a repro, and came across the same behavior in the not-bb case in the repro.


Maybe something about bb is just exaggerating susceptibility to an already existing bug?


OK, I've never seen a problem like this in bb before. Perhaps you can also report in the kaocha channel that it probably wasn't bb 😅


But if you do have a repro, of course I'd like to know about it


Yeah, I want to finish the repro to report to Kaocha. But it got really weird, and I want a break from it. I had an example_test.clcj that was triggering the bug. Renamed that to failing_test.cljc and added a passing_.cljc file. Added config to run each separately, and the bug went away. So confused, I reverted everything back and the bug was still gone. 🤯 So ... I guess I need to start from scratch? or ... I just don't know.


I was thinking of switching to Olical/cljs-test-runner. But I assume I'll have the same trouble I'm having with cognitect-testrunner. :melting_face: (And it would be nice to at least try getting a useful repro done before I bail on Kaocha.)

Dimitar Uzunov13:11:40

Hi! So I'm wrapping an interactive session with a bb script - how do I capture an SIGINT without the clojure.repl namespace? I don't need a shutdown hook, just a way for Control-C not to terminate the script..


$ bb -e '(sun.misc.Signal/handle (sun.misc.Signal. "INT") (proxy [sun.misc.SignalHandler] [] (handle [sig] (prn :sigint)))) @(promise)'

Dimitar Uzunov13:11:02

Thanks Borkdude! This works!

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borkdude13:11:14 Native, fast starting Clojure interpreter for scripting 1.0.166 (2022-11-24) See the blog post for how to run tests with this release. • Compatibility with Cognitest and • Add run-test and run-test-var to clojure.test • Compile distributed uberjar using GraalVM, fixes babashka.process/exec for Nix • preserve metadata on exec task function argument map • add lib tests for sluj ( • Update nix app example in docs • Add java.lang.Error and (only for compatibility with the lib) • Deps.clj deps.clj: • Upgrade timbre to 6.0.1 • Performance improvements in SCI • SCI: preserve stack information on throw expressions

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