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Clerk, Local-First Notebooks for Clojure, version 0.9.513 is out! New features: • 🌟 Valuehash ⚛️: treat clojure.core/deref expressions separately in the dependency graph and attempt to compute a hash at runtime based on the value of the expression. This lets Clerk see an updated value for these expressions without needing to opt out of Clerk's caching using ^:nextjournal.clerk/no-cache (#187). • ️ Expand indicators & allow option-click to expand all siblings. This adds an affordance to make it obvious that collections can be expanded. In addition, we support Option-Click to expand all sibling nodes on a level. • ️ Add nextjournal.clerk/eval-cljs-str that can be used to provide viewer :render-fns from other sources. Defining them in a separate .cljs file makes linting work on them. • 💫 Add docstrings for Clerk's public API in nextjournal.clerk. Channel: #clerk On behalf of #nextjournal, enjoy!

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Hi everyone, I wrote a blog post explaining the usage of the new :kit/htmx module that can be used to get started with the development of the based applications with You can check it out here: Cheers, Marko

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@U02T2S42SMD Congrats! #news-and-articles might be a better place for these sorts of posts :)


@U04V15CAJ you're right. I noticed that I posted to the wrong channel only after damage has already been done. Will be more careful in the future.