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Jon Olick03:03:21

Progress on jo_lisp is going nicely. Still not near a 1.0 release, but definitely making dents on it feature parity. 1.0 will be near feature parity or full feature parity.

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Lucy Wang05:03:14

Hi there, clj-statecharts, the state machine and statecharts library for clojure/clojurescript, has released 0.1.3, which introduces the concept of "stores" as state containers (thanks to @jacob.maine's amazing contribution!) Relevant changelog:

## v0.1.3 2022/3/17

- Structure scheduler to interoperate with data stores #10 (thanks to @mainej)

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Ivar Refsdal13:03:21

Hi! Here is, a tiny library to simplify writing health checks. It provides a "sliding window" into your application's errors, allowing you to see if it recovers or not once an error has occured. Hope it is useful for someone. 😊

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Hello everyone! Announcing the first open source release of Lighthouse, a data-driven Kubernetes pre-processor. Lighthouse merges EDN files in a directory tree with simple inheritance rules (along with access to Clojure via #sci), generating manifests in a flexible and reliable manner. Repo:

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Thank you!


Can I get rid of Helm with this?

Darin Douglass13:03:54

yep! if a 3rd party app still recommends using helm charts that’s what we chose to use. but for our own stuff we wrote lighthouse files instead


Cool! Fun coincidence: Today, I listened to episode 74 of your podcast, where you (@U0510902N and @U5FV4MJHG) were talking about deployment. Kubernetes (and YAML) was mentioned on several occasions. Then I see this post 😊


@U01PE7630AC Nice timing! Less YAML means happier me.

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Hey! Announcing an initial release of lq, a commandline tool for querying logseq's knowledge graphs with datalog - Y'all will probably appreciate users can extend the tool's querying capabilities with EDN. datascript and babashka are an awesome match πŸ™‚

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Adam Helins13:03:19

Looks really awesome! As an avid logseq power user, I'm eager to try it out

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