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Has anyone set up storybook hi with krell? I am having the hardest time getting this to work.


That's going to be my next task. Altho I prefer Cosmos (


The issue I have is getting my components to work with ClojureScript. I want to avoid Redux and write my business logic in CLJS. I don’t know whether to write JS components inside a CLJS app or CLJD react native components and have them connect to Storybook or Cosmos. Any ideas?


@UGNMGFJG3 I know write plain JS components which are tested in Storybook, then use a CLJS app to direct them and run the business logic


If you page back far enough in here, David Nolen explained that writing dumb components in JS boils down to essentially markup and next-to-no logic.


I haven’t done this myself, but conceptually it made sense to me.


Thanks @U0E1JV8GK. The best I can tell is that they run them in separate processes rather than integrate them. I’ve been struggling with combining them. I am about to give up and just import JS objects into my CLJS REPL.


I think that makes sense. I would consider it the same as importing third-party components that were written in JS.


Thank you @U0E1JV8GK and @U037ENVB11C. This discussion is very helpful.

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Anyone found how to 'Disable Fast Refresh' programatically?


Well, I couldn't find a switch for this so I ended up commenting the reloading code


This could also work :

(when-let [DevSettings (.-DevSettings ^js rn/native-modules)]
    (when (.-setHotLoadingEnabled DevSettings)
      ;; It's necessary to toggle the value from on to off in RN 0.63 for
      ;; the change to have an effect
      (.setHotLoadingEnabled ^js DevSettings true)
      (.setHotLoadingEnabled ^js DevSettings false)))


I'll give it a shot later, but I think I tried that one. Thanks!