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Drew Verlee16:03:21

Any re-frame-10-x users know if you can increase the "Event History window" size? i'm currently increasing the size via the dom 😕 i can't seem to drag it, maybe i'm just not putting my heart into it though.


I believe there's an issue about that.

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Drew Verlee20:03:51

Is there a functional difference between creating a subscription on a parent component, who derefs it, then passing the ref to the child (or a granchild) who also derefs it VS creating two subscriptions on both the parent and the child who then both deref it? Or maybe it's cleaner to have the parent deref it then pass just the value, unless the child needs the ref... for some uncommon reason.

Drew Verlee20:03:44

I feel like i want to prefer subscriptions because it makes it more clear where the data is coming from.

Drew Verlee20:03:34

As where derefing at higher up in the tree then passing it down several nodes can lead to confusion about how the data relates to other data in the system.


If it's the same sub vector, then it'll be the same reaction - regardless of how many times you call subscribe. Relying less on subscriptions makes components more reusable, unless you add some convention to your subscription usage, like some special context.

Drew Verlee20:03:41

good point. Yea, that's exactly the trade off. I suppose i see a lot of components that can't possible be re-used easily anyway.


This is a difference: It rarely comes up though.