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oxalorg (Mitesh)12:02:21

We've cut a small new release of Kaocha, which fixes --watch on latest OSX / ARM machines šŸŽ‰. ā€¢ Changed default watcher to "Beholder" ( which supports OSX/m1 machines natively. Hawk is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release. ā€¢ For those who still want to use Hawk for some reason, added a configuration which takes either :beholder or :hawk as values. Defaulting to :beholder as the new fs watcher. ā—¦ If you are ^this, then please message me or in #kaocha on the use case which still requires hawk ā€¢ Add --no-fail-fast CLI option [thanks to @jshaffer2112]

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Lucy Wang14:02:59

Announce shadow-test-utils , which provides some goodies when writing tests in shadow-cljs: 1. A prettified browser test reporter 2. A way to only run (or exclude) tests like kaocha

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Looks nice! Curious - why does it need to be included before shadow-cljs? If I'm not mistaken, overriding namespaces works only if your override is later on the classpath than what you're overriding.

Lucy Wang10:02:42

emm, I think the rule of classpath resolution is the first one is being used. I'll double check it anyway, thanks!


Oh, you're right! And now I wonder how on Earth have I never been bitten by it.