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dos anyone know the particular ordering of release tasks to make lein release release as the level given? i would like to be able to say lein release minor and have it bump the minor component, commit, and tag that. releasing the current snapshot and bumping the component for the next snapshot is not a super intuitive behavior for me. some examples of what i mean 🧵


what i would like is

lein release major: 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT -> 2.0.0
lein release minor: 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT -> 1.2.0
lein release patch: 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT -> 1.1.2


Gradle release plugin behaves similar.


You could try something like this

(defproject "project-name" "1.1.1-SNAPSHOT"
:release-tasks [["vcs" "assert-committed"]
                  ["change" "version" "leiningen.release/bump-version"]
                  ["change" "version" "leiningen.release/bump-version" "release"]
                  ["vcs" "commit"]
                  ["vcs" "tag"]
                  ["change" "version" "leiningen.release/bump-version"]
                  ["vcs" "commit" "next dev version"]
                  ["vcs" "push"]
and then 
> lein release :major
should lead to "2.0.0" version.


Thanks!! I will give this a shot