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Is there a way to open this doc popup into its own window?


You can have that popup showing on eldoc instead of lsp-ui

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at a certain height, emacs starts making new modals appear below the current buffer, instead of to the side. does anyone perhaps know what setting controls this?


take a look at split-width-threshold and split-height-threshold they probably do what you want.


perfecto thank you @U0124C56J5R!

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I've been thinking that making commits would be easier if they all just had the same commit message.

(defun teod/thinking-face ()
  (insert "🤔"))

(defun teod/buffer-set-content-thinking-face ()


last one is suited for Magit commit message buffers!


in emacs, we have the function cider-pprint-eval-defun-at-point that sends the result of a top-level from to a buffer named *cider-result* . The nice thing about that window is that the output is pretty printed. Can I use the same window to display the last tap>? In general, do we have a way of looking at pretty-printed tapped values from emacs?

Ben Sless21:02:57

I opened a feature request in cider for that some time ago, I will probably get in soonish I hope

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