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For some reason, test failures aren’t highlighting red for me now.


tbh this could have happened months ago — I’ve not run tests from the REPL for quite some time.


Is there a new option you’re supposed to turn on or something? Or maybe I accidentally turned it off at some point (if so, how do you turn it back on)?

Jordan Robinson16:02:26

I've had this for a few reasons: • when the namespace has a _ when it should be a - • when the name of the test file conflicts with another test file elsewhere • when I can't attach to breakpoints in the file, which can be a few other things

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@UC3B7UJF2 #2 it was (test ns was the same as the ns under test)

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you’re the man!

Jordan Robinson16:02:45

glad to help 🙂


TIL - I didn’t know that!