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Help! I have a Fulcro app modeled after the template for Expo. The JS compiles and loads to the simulator but it does not display. I have root render in my init. No log messages are displayed either. Does someone have any advice or help? Thanks in advance.


@UGNMGFJG3 I had a couple problems while trying to get the fulcro-mobile template working. First, the npm library native-base had changed a lot. Second, it seems that for whatever reason, try-catch no longer allows you to prevent a react render error from throwing. No idea why, and I haven't really had a chance to pursue it yet. So I had to replace the fulcro expo root render logic with one that did not use try-catch. Hopefully before too long I'll be able to dig some more and make a proper pull request, but for now, here is a modified template that should work:


@UGNMGFJG3 You're welcome! Let me know if you run into any issues.


I added the fulcro expo root render that you pointed to. It’s still not working. I think it’s not even getting to that point. @U013TCGL92T


@UGNMGFJG3 Do you have the source code somewhere I could look at it?


Hi @U013TCGL92T I was able to uprev your repo (I forked it) to Expo 44 andd it’s working! I am going to try to integrate my stuff into this repo and see what i get.


I got the React Native debugger to work so now I am seeing what’s wrong with my app..


I got it to work! I appreciate your repo! It helped a lot!

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Good deal, I am glad to here it! Yeah, I was going to suggest getting the debugger up and running. Sometimes it is the only way to see what the problem is. Once everything is up and running though, I prefer to do most of my debugging via repl.


Good morning @U013TCGL92T. I am wondering if you have used react-navigation with Fulcro?


@UGNMGFJG3 I haven't yet. Although I may try to use the drawer menu in the near future. Whether I use it or not mostly depends on if I can find a way to stick to fulcro navigation (routers, etc) and just use the components.


I am using it now without routers. It’s pretty good!


Hmm, maybe I should look into that. I am brand new to Fulcro, so I was trying to stay "in the Fulcro world" as much as possible while getting started. I suppose it probably also would give you all the nice transition effects "for free".


Yes, it does.


@UGNMGFJG3 Have you had issues with hot reload and react navigation? I’ve been dealing with that for an app and seen that others have had the issue as well. This is with shadow-cljs, at least. After making a change the app will reload, even though fast refresh is disabled.


Haven't had that problem. Hot reload works for me on the iOS simulator

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