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Sandra Wichtrup08:02:59

Good morning! Thank you all for your great feedback already, you are awesome:pray: So lets get the party started! 📢 Call for Proposals of the upcoming :clojureD 2022 is open! 🌈 👉 CfP ends 04 March 2022. Looking so forward to your thoughts and meeting you @ the :beach_with_umbrella:😍

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Brett Rowberry18:02:01

@UQ5U3KAHK The proposal page said my submission went through. Should I get an email confirmation as well?

Sandra Wichtrup07:02:16

@U021RHDFFHN Yes, you just received a personal thank you email 😊 So thanks again Brett and hope to see you in Berlin!

Brett Rowberry07:02:37

Wonderful! Thank you!