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Hi everyone, I am not sure if this is the right place. But I’ve released a tool for moving data from Google Bigquery to Postgresql. You may find this useful for controlling your cost or just local development. Really niche 🙂

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huh, I need something like this :-)


@U0JEFEZH6 Great, if you miss / dont understand something, please ask. It is still rough (but battle-tested) 🙂


I'll bookmark it for sure, at some point my team will have to move off BigQuery so this will help us a lot (not my choice, I'd keep using it)

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Scott G18:02:35

As a fellow Clojure/ClojureScript developer and software engineer, I thought some of you might be interested to hear of an app I and my friend recently built and released. “Recap: Catch Every Word” makes it easy to do voice/speech recognition and transcribe audio content from over 70 different languages and dialects. It's great for podcasts and interviews, and if you know a second language from time spent in another country or multi-lingual education, and you have audio recordings in that language, more likely than not Recap can support transcribing that audio content and even produce closed captions for uploading into videos. The api endpoints were written entirely in ClojureScript, and compiled with shadow-cljs. Many thanks to @foo and @thheller for their helpful tips on interop and shadow-cljs setup. Check it out on the iOS App Store at and on the Google Play Store at The app is still in its early stages, so any feedback or feature enhancement requests or bug reports through the app interface would be helpful.

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Great work! I love to see success stories with clojure and firebase


Viscous: pprint that respects your space and time code: try it:

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Adam Helins09:02:07

Looks interesting, I've been looking for an online EDN explorer