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New release of edamame, a highly configurable clojure / EDN parser with accurate location metadata. Release notes:

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Also a new release of sci, a configurable Clojure interpreter suitable for scripting and Clojure DSLs which is compatible with JVM / GraalVM native and ClojureScript (advanced).

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Have you / will you make a tool called fi? Would be a nice companion to ☝️ :)

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clojure-lsp Released clojure-lsp With the power of clj-kondo, adds the feature of finding the definition of re-frame.core registrations like reg-event-db , reg-sub and others! No more searching by text in the whole project with that 🎉 For more details, check #lsp

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Michaël Salihi21:04:25

A few days ago, I released Ring middleware. Here is a more complete demo of how I started from @seancorfield 's usermanager fork to turn it into a SPA. More info here: Feedbacks are welcome. Cheers!

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Just published a new version of Chlorine, the socket-repl package for the Atom editor. In this version, some fixes, a new goto var definition for namespaces, and also the ability to extend core commands using Pathom. The feature is not yet 100% documented, but I'm doing small spikes of documentation here: Also, I'd like to thank @wilkerlucio for all the help, encouragement, and also for doing an incredible job with Pathom. You're the man 👍

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