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Given a test like this:

(deftest foo
  (is (= #{1 2 3} #{1 2 4})))
Running it in Calva prints a result like this:
; FAIL in my.ns/foo (ns.clj:42):
; expected:
#{1 3 2}
; actual:
(#{1 4 2})
Note the somewhat confusing extra parens around the actual result. Is this expected behavior, or should I file an issue?


Both. 😃 Are those not there when you use CIDER?


I don’t use CIDER, so :man-shrugging::skin-tone-2: . But OK, I’ll make an issue.


Oh, I thought you where. 😃 Anyway, I think this is an issue on cider-nrepl, but good to have it captured in the Calva issues list.


Indeed it's from cider-nrepl, tracking it here: And thanks for the report.


I know I can clear the repl history, but is their a way to clear the output window?

Ryan Jerue01:04:31

As in the terminal output?


no, i meant the output window of the repl.


ctrl+a, delete in the output window. I don't think there's a command for it. I think it's been discussed, but it was determined this is simple enough to avoid adding another command. However, if you think it would be valuable as a command, maybe it should be added. CC @U0ETXRFEW (I don't remember if there was some reason not to add a command besides what I just mentioned.)


No other reason. That ought to be simple enough. 😎


Ha! I hadn't even considered jsut selecting the text and deleting it 😄

😀 2

I see two reasons why a command would make sense: 1. Discoverability. You are not the first one asking this, @U013YN3T4DA 2. Accessibility. The current way to do it makes you have to leave the file you are editing. The second one is strongest. We do advocate a workflow from within the files. We should consider smoothing that wherever we can.

👍 3