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Anyone know if it would be possible to have the JS/CLJS parts of a React Native app published on the net somewhere, and then have a compiled app on the app store that loads this dynamically when it starts? So most updates to the app would be made by pushing new JS to that “somewhere” place on the net? My use case is that I am trying to figure out a scalable way to whitelabel an app. (And I realize I might not be making sense, but maybe for someone it rings a bell enough to throw me some hint.)


@pez Codepush does just that


Thanks! Seems it is now Visual Studio App Center. I’ll check it out!


That’s just Microsoft re-branding. App Center contains loads of functionality: CI, code-push… You can use just what you need/want


I don’t think it quite supports my use case though, but I’m saying that without having investigated much.


@pez So far as I know there’s nothing preventing you from rolling your own implementation of this. On iOS for example, the code to load the JS and get started is right there in AppDelegate.m, and you can just swap that out for it to load from anywhere.


For whitelabeling, I think the main obstacle is that you would need some kind of cache/fallback if an app launches with no/bad internet connection.


@pez yes, definitely possible. I’ve used CodePush for that, but it has been a while since I last used it. However, I assume it still works the same.


I am planning to use CodePush (or similar) in the near future again.