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Good Morning!


Morning 🙂


well that makes it nice and easy @dominicm 😀


Morning,  - Coffee on me, fellow clojurians ? I’m gathering research about customer perceptions of product replenishment subscriptions for a new product I’m bringing to market for eCommerce retailers (built with ❤️ using Clojure + ClojureScript, of-course). Would you mind helping out by scanning this QR and placing an order for a free bag of Ground Coffee that we’ll ship to you? After placing the order, you’ll be asked to complete a short survey about the buying experience and your perceptions on product subscriptions! Also please pm me if you face any issues with the journey (esp. on Android). Thanks folks !


hi, i ordered on my pixel... i think it worked, but the feedback form disappeared halfway through me completing it - i scrolled, and it seemed to auto-submit, or dismiss, not sure which


@sathya Free shipping to UK customers only? Or can us ex-pats get some? 🙂


It might take a couple of weeks for Royal Mail to deliver to California, but I am more than happy to ship it across 🙂 !!


Thank you. I may take you up on that since I’m a big fan of good coffee 🙂


cool, looking forward - keen to hear what you have to say about the experience 🙂


I found it a pretty confusing interface and experience overall. It took me forever to figure out how to remove items from my cart (I expected to be able to tap on an item and either tap - to change the quantity from 1 to 0 or to have a remove option. Eventually I swiped a cart item left by accident and saw the remove option appear.


The “free coffee” text looked like it should have been a link so I stabbed at it quite a few times before I gave up and tapped a tiny coffee bag image to add it to my cart, then tapped it in the cart to see it big enough that I could actually read it. Very hard to tell the difference between the caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee!


It also wasn’t clear how the discount was being applied. Especially after I added both types of coffee to the cart and they both seemed to be priced negatively (which did not make me think of “discount”: it just looked like an an error).


It seemed to want me to purchase via Google Pay which I didn’t want to do (I don’t think I even have it set up) so I did not place an order.