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Just following up: Got everything working nicely and the task deployed

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I posted a of using AWS API Gateway proxying to AWS lambda to host a full reagent-based webapp running in graal native. This required a bit of a bridge between API Gateway and a ring handler stack; this bridge I think would be best done by the community. In any case, Enjoy :-).

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Nice combination of technologies! Do you have a specific use case for this combination? Iā€™m curious what drove you here šŸ˜…


We (TechAscent) have built a number of sites that are really simple, just some web design, simple auth and some persistence. I wanted to see how hard it was to get our stack running on serverless and at the same time proof out Graal Native, a basic Ring stack, shadow-cljs a bit. Once it was finished I decided to opensource the part I think is useful to other people. This example kind of serves many purposes; it is I think the simplest reagent application possible although I do include the dependencies for re-frame. Aside from that there are no frameworks at all but enough stuff so that a basic postgres persistence pathway is easy. Then step by step how to get a normal repl, cljs repl, uberjar ... going so in that sense it is a basic template along with aws-like dev instructions for someone who knows very little clojure/clojurescript but wants to get something working all the way up to a simple serverless example. Clojure is used in quite a few microservice-type configurations so an example of a different form of serverless for Clojure I think is also interesting. Lots of motivations. No interest in building or getting involved in a library around the lessons but wanted to share so I just wrote them up.


Makes sense! Thank you!