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Announcing keechma/pipelines - Manager for async and concurrent code in ClojureScript.

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Hi, here the recording of Justin Conklin presentation Microbenchmarks with jmh-clojure at the meetup.

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Thanks for the fast publishing!

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Crux 1.10.0 is out 🚀 Highlights are: * SQL query support * Speculative transactions - 'what if this transaction were applied?' * More types of entity IDs - particularly, strings and longs. * EQL Projections (aka 'pull syntax') Check out the full release notes here:

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practicalli_john16:07:58 is a user level configuration for Clojure CLI and deps.edn based projects. The aim is to provide a set of tools and useful aliases to help with the full development workflow. Alias names are meaningful and descriptive to avoid being over-ridden by project specific aliases, so they are more readily available. Library versions updates are checked regularly using the :outdated alias which calls depot on the configuration to check and update library versions directly. Any experimental or alpha state tools are marked as experimental - use at your own risk. Recent alias additions include • :dev - include the /dev/ path to configure REPL startup with a /dev/user.clj` file - - run rebel REPL with nrepl connection for editor connections (eg. CIDER, Calva) • :nrebl - REBL data browser on nREPL connection (e.g. CIDER, Calva) • :deploy-locally to add a jar to _/.m2 directory • :deploy-clojars to deploy a jar on to sign and deploy a jar on • Updated libraries to use their fully qualified names

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