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Announcing keechma/pipelines - Manager for async and concurrent code in ClojureScript.

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Hi, here the recording of Justin Conklin presentation Microbenchmarks with jmh-clojure at the meetup.

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Thanks for the fast publishing!

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Hi, just want to share which is a local-first non-linear outliner for organizing your knowledge base, it draws a lot idea from Roam Research, Org mode, and Tiddlywiki, It works directly with both plain Markdown or Emacs Org Mode. The server will never store the user's private notes, so the data are stored locally in the browser IndexedDB and can be synced using a local Git web client. It has hiccup support and sci (thanks to @borkdude) support directly. ah my bad, forget to say that logseq is also using Datascript and Rum by @tonsky and reitit by @ikitommi and shadow-cljs by @thheller! Thank you very much! The code will be open source in the next coming months (no more than three months), it'll need a lot of help, send me a dm if you're interested!

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Very cool! How complete is the org mode emulation?


I'd say it's mostly done The code for parsing is open sourced:

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lmk if something breaks!


@U077BEWNQ btw the app doesn't support org mode if not logged in, will fix this soon.

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Crux 1.10.0 is out 🚀 Highlights are: * SQL query support * Speculative transactions - 'what if this transaction were applied?' * More types of entity IDs - particularly, strings and longs. * EQL Projections (aka 'pull syntax') Check out the full release notes here:

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practicalli-johnny16:07:58 is a user level configuration for Clojure CLI and deps.edn based projects. The aim is to provide a set of tools and useful aliases to help with the full development workflow. Alias names are meaningful and descriptive to avoid being over-ridden by project specific aliases, so they are more readily available. Library versions updates are checked regularly using the :outdated alias which calls depot on the configuration to check and update library versions directly. Any experimental or alpha state tools are marked as experimental - use at your own risk. Recent alias additions include • :dev - include the /dev/ path to configure REPL startup with a /dev/user.clj` file - - run rebel REPL with nrepl connection for editor connections (eg. CIDER, Calva) • :nrebl - REBL data browser on nREPL connection (e.g. CIDER, Calva) • :deploy-locally to add a jar to _/.m2 directory • :deploy-clojars to deploy a jar on to sign and deploy a jar on • Updated libraries to use their fully qualified names

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