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thanks @plexus. thinking I will use the figwheel runner and keep an eye on kaocha


I'm not sure I'm following. You can still use kaocha-cljs alongside figwheel, and you can or can not use the figwheel repl-env with kaocha-cljs, those are separate things


Sorry, I wasn't being clear/detailed enough. I was looking for a way to get kaocha-cljs working with my figwheel session, ideally such that I could use the kaocha emacs plugin to easily run tests interactively. I am not very familiar with the tools, so I was just wondering if there was some template or example I could use to get up and running quickly. I think I will just stick with figwheel's test display library and cljs.test until I have some more time to invest in getting the kaocha env configured.


Yeah that's never gonna work, kaocha-cljs has its own cljs compiler and repl env


Yeah, thanks for bearing with me. Think I just misunderstood what the figwheel repl env was