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@genekim might be interesting to render that out in a form that can be consumed by the Graphia application

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Anyone using Klang? I am trying to work out why it's not loading. The ensure-klang-init function is complaining "Klang: Can't find React. Load by yourself beforehand." but I'm not even clear how that function is getting invoked. I can see preloads for 10x, re-frisk and so on but I've not added anything for Klang specifically.


Ah, I think the Klang info! macro is invoking this the first time you use it.


So, why can't it find React


It's testing for exists? js/React I wonder if that is an outdated method. Klang hasn't been updated in a few years. Is there something else doing the same thing baked into re-frame now?


@mikethompson Thank you for re-frame — it is so fun to build things with it!

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Jose Varela00:07:48

Thank you for the books! It’s a relief knowing the problems I see at work are normal

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