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Rowan Barnard03:07:52

@seancorfield Hi Sean, hope things are well with you, been a while since I've been on here. I have some questions regarding your Chlorine setup that I'm using.

Rowan Barnard03:07:16

1. When I press Ctrl+Enter to make a newline when my cursor is positioned before a closing parenthesis, it just makes a newline and moves my cursor to that new line - how do I make it so that the closing parenthesis is moved to a new line so that I can make a multi-line function? This is on Windows btw, if that makes a difference.

Rowan Barnard03:07:38

2. After I finish a Chlorine session and I am closing things down, when I try to exit the Clojure prompt in the Powershell window (that I used to start the session with) I enter Ctrl+Z to exit it but it just hangs and never seems to exit properly - perhaps a bug? So I just close the Powershell window instead - it seems to close the JVM down as task manager doesn't seem to show any JVM instances.


Yeah, I've never figured out entirely satisfactory behavior of Atom on Windows. I mostly work on a Mac.


Do you press enter after pressing ctrl-z ?


Ah you have REBL running as well?

Rowan Barnard03:07:33

Yes but I close that down first


You have to use ctrl-c I think

Rowan Barnard03:07:57

Not sure if that makes a difference

Rowan Barnard04:07:16

OK I will try that next time then and let you know if it works


On macOS, I can just switch to the REBL process and press cmd-q which quits the whole thing. I wonder if you can use alt-f4 on Windows?


When I replace my main dev machine (a 27" iMac), it'll be with a Windows machine and I'll have to figure all this stuff out properly 🙂

Rowan Barnard04:07:50

OK - so is it still running even though I closed it?


Closing the UI doesn't stop REBL running so, yeah, probably something is running in the background.

Rowan Barnard04:07:34

My main problem though is the multi-line thing though - the hanging is just a minor annoyance

Rowan Barnard04:07:09

If I can't multi-line functions - I am going to have some very long single line functions 😛

Rowan Barnard04:07:38

OK thanks for the REBL info 🙂


Ah, no, apparently you can't use alt-f4 it seems.

Rowan Barnard04:07:32

I guess I can cut and paste the closing parenthesis onto a newline as a temporary workaround - only just thought of that


That closes the window but does not quit the process


Having you tried just regular enter instead of ctrl-enter?

Rowan Barnard04:07:24

Enter doesn't seem to do anything

Rowan Barnard04:07:37

I have to press Ctrl+Enter


Hmm, it does for me (although it seems to break structure/indentation).

Rowan Barnard04:07:03

Even though enter is in your keymap.cson

Rowan Barnard04:07:12

So not sure why that doesn't work


Dunno. Like I say, I don't do enough dev on Windows to warrant spending that much time figuring these sorts of weirdnesses out.

Rowan Barnard04:07:07

It says something in the keymap.cson comments about Ctrl sometimes being needed: "If you're having trouble with your keybindings not working, try the # Keybinding Resolver: Cmd+. on macOS and Ctrl+. on other platforms"

Rowan Barnard04:07:36

There is a link to info in the Atom manual so maybe I can get some help there

Rowan Barnard04:07:32

Thanks for your time and help Sean! 😉

Rowan Barnard04:07:52

And you're starting to make me want a Mac ha ha 😛


I'm switching from Apple products after 30 years.


I just bought my first non-Apple smartphone.

Rowan Barnard04:07:36

Hmm and what's that experience been like?


I'm loving the switch 🙂


I like the deep integration Windows offers with Android phones. I like Windows a lot more than macOS these days. I think Apple has lost the plot.

Rowan Barnard04:07:00

Oh yeah and I forgot my third question too if you don't mind answering: With the Scoop installer for Clojure there is extras like clj-kondo, babashka and joker - should I install those as well? Or maybe just clj-kondo - not sure if Chlorine has linting built in or not?


Atom has a linter package and there's also a linter-kondo package which will use clj-kondo

Rowan Barnard04:07:47

OK so maybe I'll stick with Windows then and maybe use Linux with WSL2 - that sounds like might be nice


I use that a lot. I used to use Joker, but clj-kondo is much better.


I have not found a use for babashka yet.

Rowan Barnard04:07:25

OK thanks so I'll just install the Atom one then


clj-kondo from Scoop, plus linter-kondo for Atom (it'll install linter automatically).

Rowan Barnard04:07:51

OK thanks 🙂


But, yes, using WSL lets you get a lot of the nice development tool experience.


And Microsoft are planning to support Linux apps with a UI so maybe running Atom and REBL etc on WSL will be viable "soon"...

Rowan Barnard04:07:52

Yeah I'm thinking it's probably easier to do Clojure and Chlorine on that instead of directly in Windows

Rowan Barnard04:07:52

Plus I've been interested in Graal and wanted to play with that but I don't think there is a Windows installer yet, might be mistaken


No idea, I haven't even looked at Graal.

Rowan Barnard04:07:54

@seancorfield I read through some of the Atom stuff and found this Keybinding Resolver which says when I am pressing Enter it is executing the Enter command from the win32.cson file which has core:confirm listed as the value for that keybinding. Which I'm guessing is just Enter being used to confirm things. I think I'll just change the keybinding in keymap.cson to something other than Enter for now.